Doubling of incidents: Discrimination is increasing alarmingly, says the Network Against Discrimination and Islamophobia (Inssan).

In education, incidents range from derogatory remarks to headscarf bans Photo: picture alliance/Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa

A woman has worked for a large digital company in Mitte for twelve years. When she informs her employer in 2019 that she will wear long clothes and a headscarf in the future because of her Muslim faith, he objects: she should look for a new job.

The automaker plans to build new models only with electric or hybrid engines from 2019. For Volvo, it is a strategic change of course.

From despiser to pioneer: Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson Photo: dpa

Swedish automaker Volvo announced Wednesday that from 2019, each of its newly launched models will have an electric motor. Volvo plans to launch five e-car models between 20. In addition, there will be hybrid models that are charged by plug and have a complementary internal combustion engine.

With no teeth, but with a goal: Old codger Bruce Dern travels across the American Heartland to "Nebraska."

What happened to America? Picture: Paramount Pictures

Somewhere in the damn railroad bed they must lie, the teeth. Drunk as a skunk, Woody lost them here in the night, and now the old man is looking for them with his son. David actually finds a set of teeth on the ballast. The father puts it in his mouth. "Those aren’t my teeth," he mutters sullenly.

In Svalbard, Norway, important seeds are supposed to withstand the effects of man and the environment. Climate change, of all things, is causing problems.

The seeds are stored deep down in there Photo: ap

It drips. And it absolutely shouldn’t be dripping here, says Hege Njå Aschim, head of communications at the Norwegian state construction company Statsbygg. Large amounts of water had already penetrated the entrance tunnel of the seed storage facility in the fall. The warehouse itself was not affected, but water had no place in the entire construction.

The sporting goods manufacturer Vaude has already compared the salaries of its employees – and is satisfied with the result.

A Vaude employee at work Photo: dpa

Pay equity is a complicated issue. And the transparency of salaries is a complicated matter. Miriam Schilling knows that. She is the human resources manager at the sporting goods manufacturer Vaude in Tettnang in Baden-Wurttemberg.

Since the 1990s, George Soros has been promoting democracy projects in Eastern Europe. For autocrats, he has thus become an object of hatred.

George Soros – right-wingers and nationalists accuse him of having a "globalist" agenda Photo: reuters

No private person is as prominently involved in Eastern Europe and with a comparable financial outlay through foundations as the US billionaire George Soros. For this, however, he sometimes receives harsh criticism and open hatred.

Many parents want to give up their annoying snotty noses quickly. But do the kids even miss daycare?

It doesn’t always have to be daycare Photo: Lee Smith/reuters

All corona measures are meant from an adult’s point of view. The umbrella organization of pediatric and adolescent medical societies recently pointed this out. "Children are not seen as persons with equal rights, but as potential virus carriers," the association writes. Because of their supposed dangerousness, they have to stay at home, where they annoy parents in the home office.

The Tasmanian devil is the largest living carnivorous marsupial. Now the Australian government has declared it endangered. What’s so important about the animal?

The Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) is threatened with extinction. Picture: dpa

The world’s largest living carnivorous marsupial is threatened with extinction. On Friday, Australian Environment Minister Peter Garrett placed the Tasmanian devil on the corresponding list. Until now, the animals living on the island of the same name south of the Australian continent were only considered endangered.

Two Berlin drivers were convicted of murder. Speeding is being punished ever more severely, and a new law is on its way.

The crime scene in Berlin on February 1, 2016 Photo: dpa

"Racing with motor vehicles is prohibited," says the Highway Code. There is a fine of 400 euros.As soon as it comes to a concrete endangerment of other road users, it is a criminal offense. Endangering road traffic" is punishable by a fine or imprisonment of up to five years. The law mentions driving too fast at blind spots as a possible offense.

When lions attack cattle herds, they are threatened with hunting by the Maasai. A naturally growing fence is now intended to keep the peace.

Dangerous and endangered at the same time: lion in Tanzania. Picture: dpa

Lions are opportunists. A cattle pen full of goats is a tempting source of food, and such a big cat can easily jump over a fence. The Maasai, who own the goats and cows, use such attacks as an excuse to hunt lions. A new type of fence is now helping to prevent the conflict between cattle owners and lions from arising in the first place.